Wednesday, January 09, 2013


Today, the baseball "writers" will show off their massive egos, leaving some of the best players to ever play the game out of the Hall of Fame because they have seized the opportunity to play god, moralizing to hear themselves talk with no regard for the damage they are doing to the game. In baseball, you can't separate the past, present, or future. It is a timeless game - if you disappear the players, pick and choose which chapters of baseball are worthy of preservation, rail against the ripples in the integrity of the game, you damage the game itself.

The only baseball writer worth a damn these days is Joe Posnanski. Everyone else apes the ghosts of the past, when language was revered and writers wrote about the game and not themselves. The political columnist George Will writes better columns about baseball.

The problem is not with Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, or baseball itself. The problem is with American society, where honor and integrity no longer matter, where people will do anything to get ahead, to get “what’s theirs,” no matter who they have to step on to get it. The moralizing over drugs bullshit that is used as an excuse to keep these players out is hypocrisy at its damnedest.  Our society is sick; don’t punish a few individuals and hurt the future of the game just because they were born at the wrong time. They didn’t do anything that the general populace wouldn’t do if put in their shoes.