Thursday, May 04, 2006

Losing one game is not the end of the world

Attention Reds fans! I am starting a write-in campaign for Brandon Phillips. As much as I like Freel, Phillips is the second baseman. Please take the time to write in Brandon Phillips when voting for All-Stars. Vote 25 times with each email address you have!

While I was watching the blessed Reds get shutout by the Rockies and the Nats blow an awesome comeback in the ninth inning last night (yes, at the same time on the same computer screen), a friend of mine was dining next to Bono, Condi, and Queen Nour at Galileo. When your baseballholicism is interfering with your social life (and your opportunity to see God in his shades up close), is it time to get help?

It's the winning, though. It's addictive. I can't help it. I neeeeed my fix of baseball every night. Yes, the Redlegs lost last night, but it was not due to pitching. Brandon "Two-headed" Claussen had one bad inning and some other pretty good ones. We all know that the Reds are not going to lose over the course of the season for a lack of offense. It's all about the pitching, and even in the losses, we are getting decent pitching. A review of the nine Reds losses.

  • Last night verses the Rockies: 3 runs scored, and one of those was a guy picked off of first who reached third on a throwing error by Aurilia. Stupid errors. Claussen only walked two and didn't allow a longball in the longball capital of the world. Quality start.
  • April 30 verses the Asstros. Reds lost 3-2. Elizardo Ramirez gave up 3 runs on 6 hits and two walks, including two longballs. Another quality start.
  • April 22 verses the Brewers. Reds lost 11-0. Yeah, Claussen gave up those four longballs in a row. This one was brutal.
  • April 18 verses the AAA Fish. Reds lost 12-6. Eric Milton was awful and went on the DL after that.
  • April 16 verses the Deadbirds. Reds lost 8-7. Arroyo's only bad outing of the year. David Weathers blew the save, feeding a longball to Sir Albert for his third homer of the game.
  • April 15 verses the Deadbirds. Reds lost 9-3. Dave Williams. 'Nuff said.
  • April 12 verses the Cubs. Reds lose 4-1. Claussen. (This is getting repetitive.)
  • April 9 verses the Pirates. Reds lose 5-3. Stupid error rears its ugly head. Dave Williams gives up two earned runs, gets a quality start. Belisle comes in to give up two runs. Not a bad day of pitching.
  • April 3 verses the Cubs. Reds lose 16-7. This one was a fluke, I tell you.
Five out of the nine losses exhibited decent to good pitching. Everyone loses. Dave Williams earned an ounce of patience with his outing on Tuesday; still, I am losing patience with both him and Claussen. You can't contend with two pitchers.

(Bonus points if you get the reference in the title.)

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