Monday, October 30, 2006

Blogger roundtable part 1

Shawn: Question 1: What were the best highlights of the 2006 season?

Red Hot Mama: I seem to recall a pretty good catch by Freel

Blade: I like the part that happened before the Kearns/Lopez trade

Clint: some of the bright points I liked were the emergence of Edwin Encarnacion, Aaron Harang becoming an ace and that sweet catch by freel

Shawn: The Harang-Arroyo tandem was sweet. Two aces was great to have, after none for so many years.

Blade: E squared was a bright spot. That guy can rake

Shawn: I liked the team a lot better before the trade too, Blade

Shawn: EE should be an all-star going forward

Clint: yeah same here Shawn. At first I defended the trade but as the season went on it was pretty clear it was a bad trade

Red Hot Mama: I like his facial hair

Shawn: Who, me?

Blade: I also liked things before Juan Rivas was locked up for two years

Clint: One thing I never thought I would say is that Rich Aurilia was one of the bright points of the season.

Shawn: Juan "Rivas" Castro?

Red Hot Mama: Yes, Shawn: your facial hair. I've never seen it, but in my imagination, it's awesome!

Blade: Sorry, they both suck so I got them confused

daedalus: highlights - harang. in hindsight, there isn't much else.

Clint: Daedalus, what about Edwin?

Blade: I almost forgot about it until you reminded me.

daedalus: maybe i'm suffering from the cardinals in the WS syndrome.

Shawn: Being in the race almost to the wire was terrific.

Blade: Yeah, the playoff run was cool

Blade: At least to me, it came out of nowhere

Clint: yeah, never would have thought that they would be in the race until the last weekend of the season

Shawn: It owed more to the Astros and Cardinals tanking than the Reds' greatness, but flirting with .500 was also good.

daedalus: edwin? maybe next year will prove he's the real thing...

Clint: actually I really wasn't too surprised by the final record, just surprised it would be good enough to keep them in the race.

Shawn: .500 was a surprise to me

Blade: Yeah, .500 was a surprise to me too

Clint: I am ready to call him the real thing, but he is my favorite player and I am a homer

Shawn: EE is the real thing...just like Coke.

daedalus: i thought the reds could reach .500 this year. i didn't know it'd be enough to make a playoff run

Shawn: I was figuring 85-90 losses.

Blade: I like Arroyo's first half too

Clint: oh and another player I was impressed with that hasn't been mentioned yet is Brandon Phillips. hopefully he is more consistent next year

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