Thursday, May 28, 2009

Edwin is our third baseman

I found this awesome comment by fandemad on Fay's blog and wanted to share it, because I agree that Edwin should be at third when he comes back.

the reds production from third base so far this year--

ranked in the nl--

third base--

14th in avg
13th in obp
14th in slug
14th in ops

last year EE's rank amongst qualified thirdbasemen:

8th in avg
6th in obp
6th in slug
6th in ops
5th in HRS


the reds at third were:

(out of all 16 teams)

10th in avg
6th in obp
6th in slug
6th in ops
3rd in HRS

so last year with EE at third we got FAR BETTER production at third base than we are getting this year with 5 guys playing thirdbase

and specifically--

in his 19 games at third rosales is .258 .338 .403 .741

and last year edwin was .252 .341 .468 .810

as per HRs--

encarnacion avg a HR every 19 ABs

rosales avg a HR every 41 ABs

as per errors--

ee had 23 errors in 330 total chances -- one error in 14.3 chances

rosales has 2 errors in 32 total chances -- one error in 16 chances

ee had a 2.23 range factor

and rosales has a 1.77 range factor

so rosales fields ball slightly more cleanly (around 12% more), but edwin gets to far more balls (around 25%)

if EE can approach his last years numbers he's a far better choice at third


Nachos Grande said...

I love Edwin, but the last line is the key - IF he can approach last season's numbers. I hope he can...

Anonymous said...

Fielding isn't his problem, it's his throwing. Unless Manute Bol is our 1B, we're in trouble with him at 3B.

Anonymous said...

And the Reds have NEVER won with EE. I know that's not a fair statement, but what is Reds record this year with & w/o him in lineup?

Anonymous said...

To answer my own question,10-9 with & 16-11 without EE. Hmmm....

Anonymous said...

AND,......What your article is ignoring is the FACT that EE and his 19G .127/.286/.190 avg/OB/Slug performance is the primary reason the REds 3B production is so low.

Cathie said...

"in his 19 games at third rosales is .258 .338 .403 .741"

that's not exactly "on fire" as everyone is saying.

edwin played hurt, which explains his poor performance at the plate. his career numbers are much higher than what he was hitting. higher than brandon phillips at the point when ee got hurt.