Monday, December 28, 2009

Niner niner niner

Continuing with the 12 Days of Christmas by the Numbers series, today's number is 9.

Of course, the most obvious 9 in baseball is the number of men on the field.

The Reds have won 9 NL Pennants.

Reds who've worn 9: Dutch Dottier (1959-1960), Hal Bevan (1960), Hal Smith CH (1969), Bill Plummer (1973-1974,1976-1978), Vic Correll (1979-1980), Mike O'Berry (1981-1982), Dann Bilardello (1983), Vern Rapp MGR (1984), Max Venable (1986-1987), Luis Quinones (1988), Joe Oliver (1989-1994), Eric Anthony (1995)

The Reds have retired 9 numbers.

Ted Williams is the best player to have worn number 9.

The Reds have had 9 consecutive losing seasons.

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