Thursday, November 20, 2008

This site under construction...

I checked out some html books at the library the other day. You know, the library? That place in every community where you can rent books for free? People still use them, you know. You can find everything there, from books on gardening and birdwatching to biographies of FDR and Barack Obama to books on The Rolling Stones and John Coltrane to books on how to make baseball bats or Guinness stew. Anyway, I found a couple of books on html and decided to open notepad and start from scratch. It's really quite simple to build a webpage - I had no idea. Could I do it without the books? No way. But with the books and a bit of time, by golly, I'm gonna build myself a brand new webpage. There are all sorts of neato things you can do that I never knew about. Like putting little messages over links so when you mouse over them, you can read secret clues about why that link is there. Boy, I've sure had fun with that on the new site.

Just think of the possibilities your secret decoder mouse can do on the new site! It's like the new DaVinci Code. It's like Stephen Colbert's "The Word." It's like when someone signs an aging veteran and thinks he's getting the same player as he was in his prime. It's irony in the literary sense of the word - you can say one thing and secretly write the exact opposite in an invisible little box that only those with the secret mouse decoder can decipher!

Anyway, I just wanted to say that if this site disappears in the coming weeks, it is because I did something wrong and the whole thing got sucked down the intertubes. I'm probably going to mess something up since I am self-taught, but I'm backing everything up multiple times. Besides, there's nothing basebally to write about, it being the off-season and all.

Some things I need:

If you have a blog and want to exchange links, let me know. I've been bad about getting to some exchanges, and for that I apologize. I'm trying to get to the messages I have about link exchanges - I promise I will get there eventually!

If anyone can tell me how to make a footer a footer and not just at the bottom of the posts, thanks. The footer is at the bottom of the post column (the middle one) but is running into the sidebar, which is rather annoying and very unsightly.

Update: Did you know you could make stuff blink with very simple blink tags? It'd be pretty annoying if you had much blinking on your site.

What does this do?

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