Thursday, August 06, 2009

Hal was fired

Recent Reds developments make me wonder if I'll be able to get into Reds baseball next year. I already quit this year.

Hal McCoy was how us folks around Dayton got our news about the Reds in the pre-internet, pre-every game is televised days. Hal McCoy made Reds fans.

Our country is in a sorry state. And the Reds, well, I'm starting to think they'll never play October baseball again. Not with the income chasm in baseball these days. Just a symptom of a greater societal problem.


Anonymous said...

The economics of it are completely understandable. Newspapers are dying, and dying fast. Has nothing to do with the state of society but merely indicative of a new technology driving out an older one, the way cars replaced horses. It's sad but certainly not unprecedented - many a tear was shed for the blacksmith around 1909 too.

Anonymous said...

Sister, I quit this year on opening day.

I will miss Hal though.

Steve Simon