Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm gonna miss this

Yesterday about 3pm there was a woman in the lobby of my office building with stacks of free Nationals tix, so I scooped up four of them and went to the ballpark after work.

Adam Dunn hit a homer - his 38th of the season. He's already hit his 100 RBI. Oh, and he's hitting .279 right now, making this pretty much the best season of his career.

That was the extent of good baseball. The Dunn bomb gave the Nationals a 2-1 lead, and it was the last time Major League baseball was played on that field by the home team, for the Little Leaguers took over after that. What a craptastic game.

Did I mention Adam Dunn hit his 38th homer of the season and is batting .279?

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