Wednesday, October 07, 2009

What a game!

I was rooting for the Tigers last night, but man, what a game that was!

With the Twins win, that leaves two teams I don't care about (Twins, Rockies), five teams I hate (Bankee$, Bread $ox, Codger$, Deadbirds, and Di$ney$), and the Phillies.

I want the Twins to beat the Bankee$ in three games, don't care about the other AL game because whoever wins I want the Twins to beat them, too, want the Codger$ to beat the Deadbirds in three games then get beat by the Phillies in four games. Then the Twins and the Phillies can play seven games and have the last game go 24 innings with the score tied 1-1.

Overall, I'm not enthused by the teams playing October baseball this year. I'd be more enthused about the Phillies if they hadn't won last year.

Tell you what, though. When I saw those Twins fans' euphoria after their victory, I became extremely jealous. I wonder - will we Reds fans ever get to feel that?



FanOfReds said...

I agree with you...I suspect this years tv ratings will be better with the "big name teams" involved, but there isn't a lot of intrigue for me either...

mlb games said...

This was the Way to play Twins.. Good job.

I am big fan of twins:)