Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Just One Inch

He is exactly the type of person who deserves seats in the second row just off the left field foul line, and exactly the type of person who rarely gets them anymore.

Can you imagine getting your dream ticket to the playoffs for your beloved team which hasn't won in so long? Can you imagine walking down to your seat with your mind blown because you keep walking down the steps and getting closer and closer to the field when suddenly you find yourself wondering if you are dreaming because you are sitting in the second row, so close that you can see the players' faces clearly, can see every facial expression, every emotion, hear their jabbering and their cheering? You've waited your whole life for this - it feels like the best moment of your entire 26-year old existence. But fate is cruel, fate is the joker who laughs in the face of joy, and suddenly one foul ball ruins your life.

Read this excerpt from Are We Winning?: Fathers and Sons in the New Golden Age of Baseball

It breaks my heart that people could be so evil, but Chub$ fans have a reputation for stupidity. In a way, I envy Bartman. I've never been to a Reds postseason game, and when I finally do get to go insha'allah, there's no way I get to sit in the second row. But I will never envy what he had to go through because of an inch of fate, because quite frankly, if that ball had been an inch away, his entire life could have been different.

Funny how an inch or a second can change the entire course of a life. But life is funny like that, isn't it?

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RampantRedsFan said...

Thanks for sharing the link... It really shows two things: how big of jerks Cubs fans are and how horrible of a manager Dusty Baker is