Wednesday, July 07, 2010

That Toddlin' Town - Part 2

One can hardly imagine a more beautiful day than July 3, 2010 in Chicago, USA.

It would have been more beautiful with less Chub$ fans in the world, but hey, we can't always have everything we want. The Bleacher Experience at Wrigley Field is, well, if you're a grown up, not something you want to do again. (But if you're a Chub$ fan, go ahead and pay $50 for a general admission ticket to a baseball game where you have to line up at 10:30 in the morning for a 12:00 game and there aren't any beer vendors because you're all too drunk to handle them.)

We were staying near the airport and took a train into the city every day. Because it was the Taste of Chicago, the trains were running late, and we didn't get to the ballpark until 11am for a 12:05 game. (Oh, but that Polish sausage smothered with peppers, onions, tomatoes, and mustard I had at ToC the night before was divine.) I had to pick up tickets at will call, stand in the wrong line to get into the park, walk around the whole stadium to the bleacher entrance after we were told it was the wrong line, wait in line, get told the line on Waveland was shorter than Sheffield, stand in that line which wasn't shorter, enter, try to walk buy the beer concessions only to be told you had to have an ID bracelet, went to get the ID bracelet, went to find a seat, discovered there were no seats, asked the usher about it, got a rude answer, ended up finding seats, didn't move for six innings out of fear of losing the seats.

Because it was a holiday weekend, the tickets were more expensive than other games, which may have kept the really super obnoxious drunks away, because I didn't see any. Then again, the game started at noon, so that could have helped a bit.

The Reds didn't get a hit until the fourth or fifth inning. It's not like they were facing Cliff Lee, but they made Randy Wells look like Cliff Lee. I tried to start a #randywellsnohitter hashtag on Twitter to jinx it, and I guess it worked!

I should have started a #comeonredsletsgetsomeoffense hashtag, because they couldn't score runs. I thought maybe they should have saved some of those runs from the previous day's 12-0 romp. They ended up losing 3-0, but the Chub$ fans weren't rude to us in the Cincinnati gear. I guess they know their place in 2010! Anyway, some more pictures from the Johnny Cueto-Randy Wells match up on Saturday.

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