Sunday, May 22, 2011


Ok, forget about getting swept by the Indians (a good team) or by the Pirates (a not-so-good team). Let's think back to happier times, back to last weekend, when we all weren't screaming for the beheadings of Jonny "Outomatic" Gomes or Edinson Walkez. Remember sweeping the hated Taint Louis Deadbirds? Well, here is an MS Paint/Photographic/Musical recollection of the fun we had then. We will have it again, I'm sure of it!


Keaton said...

Never thought I'd ever hear the Mahler 5 associated with baseball, much less my beloved Redlegs. Nice work!

The Baseball Guy said...

Chase who? Great win for the Reds last nats fans are loving it. Keep it up!

Suziestamper said...

lol great job!