Tuesday, June 21, 2011


It feels strange for the Reds to be playing the Yankees right now, almost like Cincinnati doesn't belong on the same planet as New York. Seeing the stadium packed got me thinking about small Cincy and big NYC and the people who inhabit those places.

New York is an exciting international city that sets trends while for Cincinnati, change is something you get back after paying for your meal at Applebees. The people of Cincinnati rail against the "oppressive" liberals who reside in New York and listen to a genre of music that proclaims the superiority of their lives over that of city folk, who "just don't get it." In Southwest Ohio, there is a pronounced hatred for the things which New York stands for.

Yet there is the soldout stadium full of wide-eyed, wide-assed "country" folks in awe of the big bad New York Yankees.

Seems like deep down, little old Cincinnati still loves the myth of New York.

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