Friday, June 01, 2012


On the second day of our whirlwind NYC trip, we saw the Reds play at Yankee Stadium. Though it wasn't old Yankee Stadium, it still had soul. After opera man and I made a visit to the Met and had some overpriced oysters near Lincoln Center, we hopped a cab to the ballpark, a trip that took much longer than we had anticipated on account of it being Friday rush hour and all. The cabbie almost made us get out because I thought he was taking us the wrong way.

We missed the first two innings and spent the next two roaming around the stadium before taking our nosebleed seats for the second half of the game. It was so high I was afraid to even stand up. The stadium seats 50K and it feels HUGE. Yankees fans yelled at us, and one told opera man he'd see him in the parking lot. They were an obnoxious bunch by the end of the game. Reds lost but it was still great to be there. A few photos:

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