Sunday, February 15, 2015

Anti-social media

I often wonder about people who dwell on the perceived shortcomings of certain players. It's like that old commercial where baseball players come into Average Joe's office and start yelling at him like nutjobs do at the players. What is mentally wrong with a person who thinks that it is his place to criticize a player incessantly? I would love to come into his office and do the same to him.

I'd like to think social media has made our lives better, but I'm not so sure it has. It has either turned people into jerks or has shown that people are naturally jerks at heart. In other countries, social media saves lives and gives a voice to the powerless. Here in the most spoiled country on Earth, it just brings out the worst in people.

Today, social media is part of every players' PR training. Some choose to use it, while others maintain their distance. Some, like Jay Bruce, have to leave it because of the nastiness of people. Someone should start a website called "Jerks on Twitter" or maybe "Twitter Hall of Shame," where he'd post the real names of people along with the nasty things they said, then market the site towards the human resources crowd to show potential employers the true nature of their candidates. If I'm hiring someone, I'm going through all of their social media accounts to try to get a better understanding of the type of personality I'm hiring. Jerks need not apply, and there should be consequences for their actions.

We live in a society where people think murder is ok and death threats are routine. Nobody respects human dignity. I'm not sure if the vitriol we see spewed on social media is a symptom of the devolution of our society or a cause, but people sure are angry. I just don't get it. Are you angry because you don't have enough "stuff?" Everyone's offended by everything, and respect is the name of a song and nothing more.

The vitriol is already exploding from the mouths of those who think Joey Votto doesn't swing enough. Some of the things I see are appalling. Freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom to be a total asshole, but so few people in this country understand what freedom of speech is - or freedom, for that matter - that they think they can say whatever they want. How about we go back to the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have done unto you. Do you want me to come to your office and start screaming curse-filled tirades about how much you suck? (You probably do suck at life if you feel the need to harass players and others on social media.)

Are we ever going to stand up and say, "Enough!"? Whatever happened to shame?

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