Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Z is for Zombie

Oh, the suffering! Droopy eyes, foggy brain, yawning mouth opening and closing like Chris Christie's refrigerator, swells of coffee useless against the ravages of sleep deprivation. But for what, I ask?


Ratings? How? When most of the weary country partakes in nocturnal routine, slumbering while the boys of summer are lumbering through a California autumn, how can ratings be more than a pipe dream conjured by the opiates of greed and bad decisions?

Three ay em, the wee hours, dreamland, a pipe dream for the diehard. The diehard is dying. While the powers that be have no problem starting the "lesser" teams at lesser times, we lesser people are to choose between the sacred advent of our chosen religion and the debilitating case of lesser sleep.

The woe of bias, of favoritism, a team of interest, yes, but not three hours into a new day, not even after 108 years (108 stitches)...why must we the people of baseball suffer so?

I hope the Cubs lose to spite MLB.


claude cat said...

Hey, I just wanted to say that I love your commentary on Twitter, which I've let become nothing more than a news ticker of sorts, for a variety of reasons. I share your baseball hatred of the Cards, and see the Cubs as Red Sox Midwest (Epstein, Lester, Lackey, Ross) in addition to them being annoying because of overwhelming hype on the part of the usual media clowns.

I'm an O's fan, don;t really like the Nats at all, but I feel like you and I see eye to eye on most things. Certainly politics, though being anti-Trump these days is only a sign of non-idiocy. Sadly, too many fail that test.

Anyway, I've been wanting to give you a hearty thumbs up for some time now, and this way I can do it while preserving Twitter anonymity (I refuse to DM anyone, especially a female). If you're interested, perhaps cripplingly bored sometime, you might check out my semi-popular blog. I write about mostly O's baseball during the season, but also cover other passions including old person music, ancient cartoons, various other media, and junky food. http://claudecat17.tumblr.com

Keep up the good work! And get some sleep... you seem to be tweeting at any and all hours of the day.

Cathie Glover said...

Hey, thanks for your comments! I'll definitely check out your blog. Sorry, I thought I had responded to this earlier but I guess not.