Sunday, April 01, 2007

Part 1 of Reds Blogger Rountable

Reds bloggers got together last week to discuss the upcoming season. I have Part 1 of that discussion.

sweaver: All right, my microwave says 9:00. Sound off!

Tim Mo: is the gang all here or are we short a few members? any tardy pupils?

sweaver: Everybody state your presence for the record

Blade: Present

320Pub_Clint: here

Tim Mo: here!

Blade: SI picked the Reds to finish last

Tim Mo: SI & "The News" are not Reds fans

Chris @ RLN: Chris from Redleg Nation

sweaver: OK, me, Tim, Blade, Clint, and RLN. Daedalus is around here somewhere. Probably went to the fridge for another beer

Blade: What's first on the agenda

Tim Mo: blade - different color?

Blade: Sure, i'll switch

Blade: How's that

sweaver: Lets' start with the hot topic: Josh Hamilton--for real, or pumpkin?

Blade: I'll hedge. He'll make a good fourth outfielder, but I wouldn't want him starting

Chris @ RLN: Eventually, I think the real deal.

Tim Mo: I don't know if he is truly "for real" but he will actually be playing for the Reds and seeing much action, that's for sure.

Blade: Definitely worth holding on to for a year to see

320Pub_Clint: yeah right now I agree with Blade. It's really hard to judge just based on spring training

sweaver: I think he's a pumpkin this year. I will be surprised if he hits .200.

Tim Mo: I was a skeptic, but I believe the guy can be dang good. At least he has earned the spot, instead of Narron just handing it to him.

sweaver: He is just too inexperienced.

daedalus: i'm having major computer meltdown, so if i am not able to do this, that's why. and yes, it did happen when i went to get a beer!

sweaver: See, I told you

Tim Mo: shawn is usually right, bow down

sweaver: In a couple years he may be good

Chris @ RLN: Narron's brother likes him, which is something.

Blade: If we hold him this year, we can send him down next year

daedalus: That throw was incredible

320Pub_Clint: I wish he could get another year in the minors but unfortunately he will have to sit the bench like Wily Mo did unless someone gets hurt

Blade: Not like he's holding up a guy who will win us a World Series

sweaver: At least he has different skills than Wily Mo

sweaver: He can play defense and pinch run

Tim Mo: he's got a laser rocket arm, (un)like peyton manning

daedalus: I think he's the real deal. In fact, I'm going out on a big, fat, thick limb and saying he's going to be our starting centerfielder by June.

320Pub_Clint: but they way Junior and Freel get hurt he will probably get a chance at some point this season

Blade: Here in Detroit, they did that with Wil Ledezma, not that he's great or anything. Worked him for a full season, then sent him down to Double A the next year

daedalus: even his outs are beautiful

daedalus: and the walks this spring were a very good sign

sweaver: That is a good sign, esepecially if he can carry it through

320Pub_Clint: I didn't expect him to do this well in spring so he has already exceeded my expectations

Chris @ RLN: He's more useful off the bench than WMP was. And WMP is a good data point for it not killing his development.

Tim Mo: "even his outs are beautiful" ???? are you okay, daedalus?

sweaver: To be fair, I think he can hit .200 and still have some value.

320Pub_Clint: he is definitely a better option of the bench than the days of Jason Romano.

daedalus: have you seen his swing? i mean, he's hit a lot of hard balls for outs, and you know if you do that enough, you're bound to get some extra bases

Tim Mo: yeah, i guess i'm just not as enamored with him as you, shawn could be right he could be a total flop

daedalus: look, i'm already having dreams about josh hamilton, which means i feel reaaaally good about him, and i say by the end of the season, he is going to be a major factor in the reds playing in october

Tim Mo: i don't think pinch hitting is a strength for him, therefore he might struggle

daedalus: and i think i am the biggest optimist of all.

Blade: Okay, this is getting weird

sweaver: Who, Daedalus? You get used to it

Chris @ RLN: I think I'm in the wrong chatroom, Daedalus.

320Pub_Clint: yeah I used to think I was a big optimist, but you got me beat

Blade: We're still talking about Josh Hamilton, right

daedalus: weird? what do you mean?, i just mean, never mind

Tim Mo: hey, let's hope you're right

sweaver: Predictions for the year's stats for Hamilton?

Blade: I say .245/.315/.415

Tim Mo: predictions are not my forte

Blade: He doesn't hit all that great, but when he does, he gets his share of doubles

Chris @ RLN: Blade's close enough.

sweaver: OK

daedalus: i say he hits .271/.365/.481, 21 HR, 65 RBI, 80 runs scored. cuz he's gonna play a lot come May

320Pub_Clint: I am no good at predicting stats, but i agree with Blade's prediction.

Blade: I want what daedalus is on

sweaver: I'll stick with .200, but with some power.

Blade: I hope he's right, but........

320Pub_Clint: I am not expecting much from him this year, but I think he will be good in a year or two

sweaver: He's a she

Blade: Duh, sorry

320Pub_Clint: lol

daedalus: i just got home from work an hour ago and am unwinding, but i've said it all along. so the effect of a 12 hour day is not deluding me. this guy is running on something metaphysical, like he's from another world or something. i mean, that throw?

Blade: We're still talking about Josh Hamilton, right

daedalus: weird? what do you mean?, i just mean, never mind

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