Sunday, January 29, 2006

church of baseball

Welcome to the Church of Baseball. Worshippers of all teams except the Yankees welcome. I am Sister Daedalus, and I hate the off season.

This is a new blog and I haven't decided on what direction I want to take it yet. I started it early so by the time spring training rolls around it would be coherent. Anyone who is reading this is either here because you saw a new link to your blog on technorati or Site Meter or you were randomly sent here through Blogger search. Bare with me. I promise more substance soon.

I am in the process of designing this blog, which I hope will add something different to the plethora of baseball blogs out there. In the meantime, feel free to visit my main blog washingtonrox, a lefty political/American culture site. Righties are welcome, too.


Akaky said...

I grant you, I'm a right wing fascist supporter of bushitler, and I love the Yankees, but that's only because I'm from the Bronx originally; they make us love the Yankees there. I think Steinbrenner puts something in the water. So can I come and watch?

Daedalus said...

You're only allowed to love the Yankees if you are from there...I guess it's ok.