Thursday, February 16, 2006

My kind of state

For one month out of the year, anyway.

Griffey has reported early to camp to get into baseball shape before he heads off to play for Team USA in the World Baseball Classic. This guy was my favorite non-Reds player back in the day - I even had a poster of him on my wall. (He is my favorite Reds player now, especially with the departure of Casey.) That one sweet day he came to Cincy is one of my most revered baseball memories, and it was Bowden's best baseball move in his rather infamous career. Of course, the heartbreak that followed over the next few battered years was tough to take, but last year's numbers have washed some of those negative feelings away and put that spirited smile back on his face. Although there will always be the "what if?" when Griffey's name is mentioned in the history books, his career is far from over.

The spring restlessness has set in. I can nearly smell the hotdogs...


Basil said...

I always liked Griffey, though I thought the popular impression of him No. 1 and Bonds No. 2 during the 90s was backwards.

But it's amazing that he was this iconic figure just a few years ago . . . I really hope last year's gains aren't a last hurrah.

I like what you're doing with teh blog.

Daedalus said...

Thanks. I think I'm starting to get an idea about its direction. Can't wait to write about actual games. I have baseball on the brain these days.

I agree with the No 1 and 2 thing, although I always liked Griffey because he wasn't a jerk like Bonds. In fact, I never liked Bonds until I lived in California from 2000-2002 and rooted for the Giants. Watching that guy play day in and day out was amazing. It's like everyone knew when he was going to hit one out, like the something in the air changed.

ONeill said...

It was fun to watch Griffey last year and I just hope and pray he has the same kind, if not better year this season. Promising that he has reported to spring training with pitchers and catchers.....we'll see!