Friday, February 10, 2006

This site under construction

I'm still working on this site, for anyone who may visit. I am busy redesigning and have not concentrated so much on content yet, but I am getting closer to something I like. (Blogger is a pill to redesign!) This site will be under construction all weekend, though I will post something. 51 days until Opening Day!

Internet Explorer users - this page may not view correctly. I'm trying to get it right, but there's a two pixel difference and the right sidebar (the Nats side) keeps dropping to the bottom. Argh. Step out of the dark ages and use Firefox! ;) Free download here. Come on, everyone is doing it!

(Isn't the photo beautiful?)


pete said...

erm. it doesn't seem to work on my firefox.

thanks for the link to donutball. we'll link back, y'all.

Daedalus said...

thanks. still trying to work it out. hopefully i've fixed it. we'll see.