Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cluck U, Corporate Baseball!

One of the worst things about baseball these days (among many bad things) is the millions of dollars companies spend to put their stupid names on stadiums. Think about how ridiculous the names sound. Minute Maid Field. Citizens Bank Ballpark. Petco Field - makes me think of dog food.

The Nats are preparing to auction the naming rights of the new stadium. Despite taking loads of taxpayers' money, the team is keeping the $4 - $10 million it gets for naming rights instead of giving it back to the city who struggled with even getting the stadium built. Of course, not having Congressional representation makes the District not a democracy, so who cares what the people wanted, right? Why not spend their money on a $611 million dollar stadium, whose price increased drastically due to mostly bickering and the city council's inability to make decisions.

I'm thinking since the whole stadium issue has been one big mess, the name should reflect that. That's why I'm advocating giving naming rights to the fast food chicken chain Cluck U. Cluck U Field. Hi, hello, and welcome to Cluck U Field here on the banks of the Anacostia in our nation's capital!

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