Thursday, November 16, 2006

I thought I should write something here

But there is nothing to write, no news to comment on, no baseball to write about. I'm trying to decide if I should publish more of the story on this site, but the writing was going so crappily (a new word?) that I stopped posting it here. I'm at about 14,000 words; I should be at 25,000 at this point, but I'm not worried, as the writing is coming much more easily and things are starting to happen that I hadn't planned on. Of course, I really didn't have much of a plan anyway, aside from the main storyline and Casey. Only he was named about a dozen names before I settled on Casey, not because of Sean Casey, but because I typed in "Irish baseball players" to find a name and that one stood out because of Mighty Casey, who struck out. His original name was Sullivan, but I scrapped that. When I decided he'd have interaction with a player, I named the player A.J. I then decided that Sullivan would be his last name, since I still wanted the name somewhere in the story, though I couldn't tell you why. I needed the two of them to have something in common, and with the name A.J. Sullivan, Irishness was it.

Then a weird thing happened. I got a notice in the mail just a few hours after I named the player saying I need to renew my Rolling Stone subscription, and the letter was signed by a guy named A.J. Sullivan. Coincidence? Very strange, don't you think?

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