Sunday, October 19, 2008

Holy moly, was that a good game!

Game 7 - it has such a ring to it to those of us who practice the religion of baseball. They are always exciting, these things called Game 7s, deity-like beings in and of themselves. There is certainly an element of divine euphoria at just the thought of Game 7.

My heart raced and I felt those twinges of excitement in my gut, a feeling I haven't experienced in quite some time given the wretched state of the Cincinnati soul when it comes to its baseball team. The feeling certainly wasn't present at any time in the NLCS or the ALCS, though I did watch those with interest. Game 7 was something more - it had that magic of the game, that undefinable spiritual sort of thing that runs to the bottom of your soul and reminds you why you call yourself fan.

Who to root for in the World Series? I was leaning towards the Phillies, one of my "surrogate teams" I root for when they're not playing the Reds. (I tend to root for the National League teams unless they are the Deadbirds, Asstros, Dodgers, or Chub$.) Yet this young Rays team is so exciting to watch. Their enthusiasm reflects the innocence of the game, a sort of Eden-like diamond unspoiled by the rotten fruits of ego and age.

Gotta say I'm jealous of those Rays fans.

I'd love to see the faces of those post-2003 Red Sox "fans" whom I find so annoying.

Looking forward to the World Series.

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