Tuesday, October 28, 2008

World Series on Ice

Bizarre World Series we're having, eh? I can't believe the umpires let them play in a lake yesterday, but it's a good thing, because the Rays were able to tie it and send it into this weird cycle of crazy we're seeing. I mean, tomorrow night, we're going to be tuning in to a three inning baseball game, unless, of course, no one can score and we go into extra innings, which could end up being another whole ballgame. Fine with me. Extend the baseball season for as long as possible, because I am not ready to go into hibernation mode for five months or so.

The only positive thing I can see about the end of the World Series is the beginning of the off-season when we get to see what Jocketty will and will not do. Holliday? Saltamacchia? We shall see.

I'm rooting for a Game 7. The outcome of that game is not so important to me.

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