Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fun with trades

I love stuff like this:
Reds assistant media relations director Larry Hermes can rattle this one off without gasping for breath: Trace the Paul O'Neill trade in 1992 to the player currently on the Reds.

O'Neill was traded for outfielder Roberto Kelly. Kelly was traded for outfielder Deion Sanders. Sanders was traded for pitcher Dave Burba.

Burba was traded for first baseman Sean Casey. Casey was traded for pitcher Dave Willliams. Williams was traded for pitcher Robert Manuel.

Manuel, 25, is currently on the 40-man roster after going 5-3 with a 1.40 ERA in 47 relief appearances at Class AA Chattanooga last year.
Let's play it with some other current Reds.

Aaron Harang - We got Harang for Jose Guillen. We got Guillen as a free agent. Ok, that one's no fun. How about...

Brandon Phillips - We got BP for Jeff Stevens who was drafted by the Reds. Ok, that one's no fun, either.

Edwin Encarnacion - We got Edwin with Ruban Mateo for Rob Bell. We got Bell from the Braves with Denny Neagle and Michael Tucker for Bret Boone and Mike Remlinger. We got Remlinger from the Mets for Cobi Cradle, and we got Boone from the Mariners for Dan Wilson and Bobby Ayala. Wilson and Ayala were Reds draftees. So it's like we got Edwin for Dan Wilson!


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Casey was traded for pitcher Dave Willliams. Williams was traded for pitcher Robert Manuel.

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