Monday, February 16, 2009


I was reading this article on PECOTA projections on and got a real kick out of one of the comments:
In all of these talks about the Phillies, Marlins, Red Sox, Yankees, Tampa Bay winning the series, I haven't heard anyone mention the Nationals. They are the best team in baseball this year, and now that they have Adam Dunn on there team they should have no problems beating the likes of the Phillies, Marlins, the aweful Mets, and maybe the Brave who can upset the other htree teams I just mentioned. The Nationals have the best pitching, and hitting of all of basball, and should pose a threat to most of the National League teams who think they might have a chance of making the playoffs. The Nationals will be the 2009 World Series Champions. Read my writing, it's a fact.
What is a person like this doing reading an article about PECOTA? The person is obviously logically challenged. And spelling challenged. And probably mathematically challenged. Which would mean PECOTA would scramble his universe.

The Nationals are projected to win 79 games this year. Same as the Reds. But the Reds have pitching. The Nats have 80 outfielders. At least one of them has never played on a winning team in his entire career, and his arrival to the Majors was the first year of an 8 year long losing streak.

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