Sunday, April 19, 2009

More reason to hate the Bankee$

So not only did the Bankee$ build a new mall that poses as a stadium, but they also destroyed a high school ballfield and didn't bother trying to help them with a new place to play.
For years the home baseball field for the All Hallows Gaels was at Macombs Dam Park. But the field and the park were demolished to make way for the new stadium. Without a home field, coaches have held baseball practices in the cafeteria and the gym, and the school had to spend $75,000 to buy two buses and is planning to buy a third for $25,000 because of the increased travel to and from games.
Hopefully since the Times pointed it out, the Bankee$ will do something about it. That new stadium is a crime!

I hope that stadium is cursed. I sure enjoyed that Swisher outing and the 22-4 rout yesterday.