Monday, February 22, 2010

Baseball, please.

Right now, I am staring out at the Mediterranean from an office window. It's warm, very warm, and the horizon stretches to infinity as it is prone to do over large bodies of water (very cold water, as I learned last weekend.) I seem to have everything here - beaches, snow-capped mountains, mounds of hummus and tabouleh, freshly squeezed orange juice, palm trees, a bar where I can drink as much as I want for about $13...but I have this insatiable hunger for something I cannot have. I want to watch a Reds game, almost to the point of desperation. Yes, it is February, and no matter where on Earth I am, the hunger arises at the same time every year.

I had a dream last night that I was sitting in a ballpark, in all of its infinite green, and I could almost smell that hotdogs and hear the pop of a pitch hitting a mitt. Nothing like it, that pop. As I sit here now, I can almost hear the humming sound of a fastball tearing through the air, and then...pop! Such a beautiful song.


Anonymous said...

Well it's officially Spring Training so you just have to watch the REDS video feed to hear the ball hitting the bat or the catchers mitt. I know the feeling of longing for a game to go to. You get that feeling honest!

sims said...

Can you tell me how the hell we managed to land Aroldis Chapman? I'm on the West coast, and completely out of the loop.

Daedalus said...

You're out of the loop on the West Coast? I'm in Beirut.

We got him on January 10. We simply outbid everyone else. He liked the red caps with the C and the fact that so many people spoke Spanish, including Dusty and Bryan Price, so he picked us over some others.

sims said...

Well, I'm thrilled. Although somewhat less so about your being in Beirut, not that it's any of my business.

Fascinating city, when people are behaving.