Saturday, June 26, 2010

Let's go all BP on the Deadbirds!

It's 12:05am on a Saturday morning. I'm lying in bed wondering why I still have the air conditioner on when it is a decent night, as relief from the oppressive heat has come to us with the full moon. The machine rattles loudly, violently. The television that came with this apartment is on - I had the Nationals-Orioles debacle on earlier, but that ended an hour ago, and I've turned it to the movie Seven though I am not watching. I turn the volume up, but a commercial comes on and blasts noise across the room, through the walls, down the hall. (Why are they allowed to do that?) I have an empty Sam Adams bottle on the nightstand - I'd get another but I feel comfortable, comforted. The Reds defeated the Indians handedly in what people pointlessly call the Ohio Cup. I did something strange after watching the game online tonight. I turned it to the Deadbirds game.

I'm scoreboard watching in June.

Are we pathetic because we are watching the scoreboard so early in the season (the season is halfway over next weekend)? Is this what winning teams do? Or have we been so deprived that we just forget what winning feels like?

I went to Baseball to see if the 2010 Cincinnati Reds were legit. I mean, we've been in first place during the decade of losing, only to be let down miserably, our hope sucked from our souls and our interest drained from our brains until we just couldn't bear to watch a game in August or September.

You know what I found? We've been in first place or up to 1.5 games back since May 12. It is now June 26. That's 45 days, and 27 of those we've been in first place. (INCLUDING TODAY!)

Dude, that's nearly a whole month!

I mean, we knew our farm system was good, and they have arrived, but it's!

Let's enjoy it and root against the Deadbirds like Big Oil roots against birds and other living creatures and oceans and the planet in general!


jaxtigerfan said...

First off, may I complement you on your blog, I think it's just terrific.

Although I'm not a Reds fan, I do go back all the way back to the start of the Big Red Machine. I was a 10 year old boy having to spend time in the hospital during the entire 1970 World Series...ah, day World Series today just don't know what they're missing.

I am a Tiger fan, have been since the late 1960's, but I'm first and foremost a fan of the greatest sport ever invented, the game of baseball, and I love people who share my passion, and love of the game. favorite Cincinnati Red of All-Time...ex-Michigan Wolverine All-American and 1995 N.L. MVP Barry Larkin.

Keep up the great job, and enjoy the season, I'll be rooting for your Reds...the Cubs are dead, as are the Brewers, Pirates, ans Astros...beat those teams when you play them, and the crown will be worn.

Daedalus said...


I'm rooting for the Tigers in the AL!