Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Noise Machine

By now, everyone on the entire baseball planet (and some who don't know a thing about the game) have made their opinions about the botched call known. Here's my take:
People don't understand that the umpires are not getting worse, but technology is getting better. When you have things like X-mo and Super X-Mo and all of those other technologies that make time nearly stop so you can see every millisecond of a play, of course you're going to notice that umpires are human beings.

Umpires make errors just as players make errors. I, for one, think the human element is one reason baseball is a beautiful game. I hate the idea of instant replay. For as many calls that go against your team throughout the season, you probably get about that many that go FOR your team. It stinks that Joyce had to mess up on such an important play, but in baseball, as in life, shit happens, and people just need to get over it. Galaraga has. (What a classy guy, too.)
I have no problem with the idea of Emperor Selig reversing the call.

I also want to write something on Griffey, but I'm wiped out this evening (I'm mentally still on Beirut time and it's nearly 6am there.) Seeing as how I'll be seeing the Reds three times in the next three days, I probably won't get around to it. (I've done it before - click on the Griffey label link.) I'm very excited to see the Reds live. Look for a ton of photos here!

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