Sunday, January 16, 2011

Walt's flashing that Golden Buckeye Card

Is anyone else sick of the Reds signing folks from the nursing home? Edgar Renteria? That would have been awesome five years ago. Judging from the aches in my recently advanced age 34 year old body, I know a ballplayer at 35 isn't a spring chicken, or whatever they say. And of course, we have to worry about him playing everyday, as we always do, despite what Walt and Dusty say.

Poor Paul Janish.

So the government of Lebanon collapsed this week and Hezbollah asshole Hassan Nasrallah is speaking live right now, spewing conspiracy theories and blaming Israel and the US for his assholiness. Wanker. Meanwhile, life in Lebanon goes on, though the bars are noticeably emptier in the evenings. The first night of the collapse, the streets of Beirut were eerily quiet. Funny, I've gotten so used to the incessant noise that I couldn't sleep with all that silence.

Anyway, Fred Lewis? Could be worse, right? And Walt says he's done now? I suppose he is. I mean, we did win the division last year, so we didn't have that much to get in the first place. 2011 should be interesting, that's for sure.

I will have internet at home this week (finally), so I may be posting more frequently from now on. As long as war doesn't break out. (It won't.)

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