Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Two weeks until pitchers and catchers report

But my, oh, my, something far more exciting is happening in the world. Turn off your reality television and tune into reality.

The people of the Middle East are finally rising up and saying enough of dictatorships.

Oh, the world is changing before our very eyes. This is this generation's Berlin Wall. Live it. Right now, instead of saying Go team! say Go Egypt! Go Tunisia! Go, go go!

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Gary said...

So long as the Muslim Brotherhood doesn't rise from the ashes. Because the freedom you're touting will be very short-lived.

Now if the people could rise and dump the Iranian leadership into the Caspian Sea, we could start talking.

Enjoy the mirage of peace in the east. It won't last. Sorry for my scepticism.

If you want some positivity? Let's talk Reds baseball!!

Wire to wire!!