Monday, February 07, 2011


Havoc is the nickname some gave to Willy Taveras in 2009 mocking what Dusty said about him wreaking havoc on the basepaths, considering he never got on base. It also was the anagram for the starting letters of our pitching staff at one point - Harang, Arroyo, Volquez, Owens, and Cueto.

This year, we have an abundance of pitching - quality pitching - and no one knows who will be the starting five at this point. I wanted to propose we choose based on the best anagram of their starting letters, but there are no five letter real words you can make from AVCWLB (Arroyo, Volquez, Cueto, Wood, Leake, Bailey), and the only four letter words are bawl, blaw, and claw. Claw is good. I like V-CLAW.

By the way, blaw means blow in North England and Scotland. Everywhere else it isn't a word. And a BLAW pitching staff is Cuetoless, which ain't gonna happen. I suppose it could be BLAWC. BLAWC and roll. BLAWC and white. BLAWC and I'll shut up now.

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