Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Baseball Brief: Perfection

We had the Giants-Los Angeles Bankees game on one screen and the Taint Louis-Whoever-they-were-playing game on another when  the guys sitting at the table behind us at Lou’s asked to switch to Texass-Asstros. I thought, ugh, why watch these teams from the epicenter of the apocalypse state? But they said Darvish was pitching a perfect game so we immediately agreed.

Perfect. The only sport where perfection can exist. But it’s not really perfection, is it? No pitcher has ever thrown all strikes in a game!

Of course, everyone knows what happened on Batter 27 – a weak grounder up the middle and Darvish was out of the game. The two previous outs had been the same but for their locations. A game of inches, they call it. How about a nanometer? How about if the rotation of the ball turned one more stitch? Would that be enough to push the grounder to the shortstop instead of hopping over the bag? See, there’s no such thing as a perfect game. It’s just perfect luck!

And that’s what makes the game…perfect.

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