Friday, May 10, 2013

The Reds are "Brewing" up a batch of Whoop Ass!!!!!

If you're in DC, a Reds fan, and not on the listserv, do it. Here's what's up for Sunday:


This past week was an up and down wooden roller coaster for the Cincinnati Reds. They began the week with a good ol’ fashioned beat down of the chicago scrubs, sweeping them back even further into the NL Central dungeon. However, upon returning home to the banks of the Ohio, the Reds got “Dusty-Bakered” into losing two out of three at the hands of the tomahawk wielding braves.

This weekend, the Reds will host the milwaukee brewers. Although gone are the days of Princess Fielder, the brewers are still a formidable opponent. Ryan Braun continues to “enhance” there performance, and they too have an Asian lead off hitter, although not nearly as good and without the abundant politically incorrect pun opportunities… What Choo gonna do? What Choo gonna do? When the Reds come for you?....Where was I, oh right, the Brewers lineup, the rest is unnoteworthy. Rickie Butt-Cheeks is mired in a slump.

The Reds will be sending Tony “The Tiger” Cingrani to the mound tonight, followed by “It’s Never too Latos to Party” on Saturday, and culminating with Bronson’s “Very own Reds Hooded Sweatshirt” Arroyo on Sunday. Also, getting the nod tonight is Ryan Hanigan coming off the 15-day disabled list.

The Bottom Line will be showing the game this Sunday, so come on out to enjoy some brews  adult sodas and Reds baseball.

Go Reds!

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