Friday, October 13, 2006

I miss the Reds

The playoff games have been good ones, and I'm so happy the Tigers beat the Yankees. But last night as I was watching the Deadbirds lose, I realized how much I really miss watching Reds baseball. I became envious of Mets fans and hateful of Deadbirds fans. I want that. I want that screaming, the signwaving, the electric air. I want to have to wear a jacket to a Reds game to protect me from the cool October evenings. I want to watch fireworks shoot from the smokestacks as a Dunn homer brings a 2-0 lead, not apples and Beltrans. I want the country to be talking about a young stud third baseman who wears red, not blue, or the most underrated pitcher in baseball who led the league in wins, strikeouts, and complete games this year, not a 41 year old pitcher who's made 34 post-season appearances. I want the nation to worship Ken Griffey Jr. for a few weeks, to complain about how annoying Ryan Freel is, to talk about how Cincinnati baseball is back to its glory days.

Why can't I have that, Mr. Castellini?

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