Saturday, October 21, 2006

Stadium Royale

Synopsis: Bond's mission takes him to Detroit, where he is to investigate a group of terrorists who are known as the Deadbirds. Following a lead to the visiting dugout, he encounters Prince Albert DePoopoo and his pal the Woodcarver, who are suspected of being part of the Deadbirds, a suspicion made greater by the red birds emblazoned across their shirts.

Bond discovers that DePoopoo is planning to hit a guy he calls Verlander, and he overhears the Woodcarver say he's going to strike out a guy named Ordonez. Bond investigates and finds an arsenal of wooden bats stored in a locker with DePoopoo's name on them. He concludes that the Deadbirds plan to slaughter the city's baseball team during the World Series and pump clouds of heartbreak over the city.

In Detroit, Bond aligns himself with Ivan, a stocky guardian of a valuable and sacred plate, and Sean, the mayor. While trying to uncover the terrorist plot, Bond meets a woman, Ima Horenstein, played by Scarlett Johansson. Captured by her stunning beauty, he does not realize that she is also part of the Deadbirds. However, she falls for his charms like the countless other bad girls, and she helps him escape after he has been stuffed into a catcher's equipment bag by DePoopoo.

The marathon games proceed with dirty tricks and violence reaching a terrifying climax. Will Bond save Detroit?

Yeah, I'm pumped for the new Bond movie, Casino Royale, which hits theaters November 17. It's kind of a prequel, a remake of the really awful television show that came out before Dr. No. I'm upset they didn't bring Pierce back for it, though. He was an awesome Bond - just look at him!

Hear the new Bond song here, performed by Chris Cornell. It isn't the final mix, and in my opinion, there needs to be less Chris and more strings.

New Bond film, new U2 CD/DVD, new, November's going to be a killer month!

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