Monday, January 15, 2007

Get cold!

Well, winter has disappeared again, replaced by the false warmth of a mid-January spring, with mid-sixties temperatures that resemble game-of-catch weather. I slept with an open window last night, let in some of the fresh, spring training-like air, and I dreamed of real winter, with soaking snow and blustery winds and ice that makes road travel treacherous. I recall with a certain longing the drear and misery that winter brings, because I know that is how it is supposed to be, that something is incredibly wrong with the state of the world for this to be happening. And how will I feel when March rolls around and the weather is just like this, and I haven't had that wintry depression to come out of, and a beautiful spring day is just another day on the speeding calendar? (Ahh, but my handy Reds Desktop Weather tells me winter is on its way this evening, so perhaps I will grab my glove and take advantage of this day after all!)

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