Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Was I really in Ohio?

I went shopping at the Dayton Mall on Friday and went into all of the sports stores to look at Reds stuff. There was none, really.

There were Yankees flags and Red Sox shirts,
And loads of Deadbirds gear - that hurts!
One window display had the new Reds uni,
But the girl hanging them said their Reds gear was puny.
There was a lone pennant with the years the Reds won,
But several Yankees pennants like it hung.
Statues of Jeter and Manny were sold,
But nothing in a Griffey or Adam Dunn mold.
Oh why, oh why was Reds gear quite lacking,
While Yankees and Red Sox and Deadbirds had backing.
This was, after all, the home of the Reds,
I shouldn't have seen Pujols bobbleheads.

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