Saturday, August 02, 2008

I miss GOOD baseball

A lackluster evening fell upon the nation's capital, a city I once called home and will again if I ever escape the trap I've fallen into.

I should be there now.

But I don't care enough to drive 8 hours to see two of the worst teams in baseball.

The Reds aren't half as bad as the Nationals, yet the mismanagement is about equal. At least the Reds have good players - some with great potential. The Nationals have...Oliver Perez? Willie Harris? Jesus Flores? I laughed when I saw their line up yesterday. I haven't been following them much this year, this very disappointing year, so I wasn't aware of who they had been fielding.

Yet they beat us.

I am so embarrassed.

I am so bummed.

Next season I'll probably be back in DC and watch another 20 games played by a very crappy team. But the Reds? The Reds will have seasoned Jay Bruce, Joey Votto, Johnny Cueto, Edinson Volquez, and hopefully Homer Bailey in addition to Edwin Encarnacion, Brandon Phillips, Aaron Harang, Francisco Cordero, Jared Burton, and others. Hopefully Adam Dunn is in that "others." If he isn't, I won't be seeing the Reds play much next year. I don't want to exert the effort to watch more losing.

They better win the next two. (I am reminded of that very awful series in Washington last year, the one that started out awesome because I hung out in the Mayflower lobby and watched the Reds arrive to the hotel. Then they proceeded to lose all three games, and in Richmond the Bats lost two more games I watched right after that and Joey Votto wouldn't give me his autograph and sigh...But Jay Bruce did. At least that's something.)

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