Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Red is the color

Do you know how hard this is, how my meager little brain struggles to come up with anything to write about a team that is 20+ games out, that was out of the playoff race in April? There is nothing witty to say, nothing insightful, just a blank space staring at me. This is the worst it's ever been, did you know that? The Reds hadn't had more than three losing seasons in a row since World War II ended, or maybe it was Korea, I don't remember, some conflict in which people needlessly died because of some egotistical, maniacal ideology. Hmph. Guess that could be any time during the history of this rock we call home.

That was some pitching performance by Bronson last night, wasn't it? He's been one of the best pitchers in baseball since that horrendous start "north of the border," as George Grande is prone to say at least once a batter. It's as if he believes Canada is exotic because it uses different money than we do and because you need a passport to fly into it these days. But aside from being colder and having a better sense of community, Canada isn't even a foreign country in the sense that foreign means different.

But, I digress. I digress because there is nothing real to talk about. I mean, I'm embarrassed when I think about what fans of other teams are saying about the lineups we run out there. Jolbert Cabrera? Ryan Hannigan? Corey Freaking Patterson? I suppose the name "Reds" is appropriate these days - it's the color of my face when confronted by fans of other teams.

The lowest of the low, this season is.

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