Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dear Asstros and Asstros Fans:

Waaah. You all are whining about the Chub$ having an unfair advantage in the game you played while a hurricane ravaged your state. You claim Bud Selig ruined your chances for the playoffs. What a big, fat bunch of whiners you are.

Three teams in the NL Central - the Sausages, the Deadbirds, and my own beloved Reds have to put up with Chub$ crowds at our home ballparks SIX to NINE games a year. You did it once. You don't hear us whining except to say that Chub$ fans are annoying. We don't blame our losing on playing as the visiting team in our own ballparks. We lose because our teams stink, and we win because our teams are good. Nothing else.

Do you know why you aren't going to the playoffs? Your team stinks! Did you see that idiotic baserunning move by Michael Bourne tonight? Winning teams don't make idiotic blunders like that!

I'm sure the questionable call at the end of the game has you up in arms right now. I'm sure there will be more whining about the umpires ruining your chances for the playoffs. The fact is, your bats were shut down by Edinson Volquez. You even had a call given to you by the umps - Joey Votto's homer only counted as a single. We should have beaten you 4-1.

Face it - your team is just not good enough to be in the playoffs, so QUIT YOUR WHINING!

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