Monday, September 01, 2008

Three wins...a sweep. A crappy team beats another crappy team. Whoopdedoo.

I hate not caring. But I haven't even checked the MLB standings in a week. Maybe two. Thanks Bob.

I checked the news for callups - seeing Todd Frazier in a Reds uni could pique my curiosity enough to watch a game - but alas, no one, nothing. Of course, the Bats are in the playoffs, so we can't steal their players right now. Dragons are in the playoffs, too. Nice to see. I could get excited. But then there's this:
Corey Patterson made a nearly costly baserunning blunder in Saturday night's victory when he didn't cross home plate prior to the completion of an inning-ending 3-6 double play in the eighth inning. With Patterson on third and the Reds leading, 7-6, Javier Valentin grounded sharply to first. The first baseman stepped on first, eliminating the force play, and threw to second to complete the double play. If Patterson would've scored ahead of the putout at second, his run would've counted, giving the Reds a key insurance run. Instead, he stopped. Prior to Sunday's game, Baker recanted his initial statement that Patterson wasn't alert on the basepaths and offered this explanation: "A more accomplished first baseman would've stepped on first and thrown home," Baker said. "That was an important run. I thought more about it afterwards. That's why he stopped."
In case anyone was wondering why I haven't been to a Reds game since June.

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