Sunday, September 28, 2008

My sincere apologies to White Sox and D'backs fans

Dear White Sox and D'Backs fans,

I am sorry. Things were going so well for you guys and then I had to jump on the wagon and say I was rooting for a White Sox-D'backs World Series to see Ken Griffey, Jr. and Adam Dunn finally get a chance at a ring. I have cursed you all. Every team I ever root for seems to stink. Your decline started when I changed my banner to reflect my support for you.

The baseball gods hate me.

I promise I won't root for your teams any more. I'm not really all that interested in them, anyway. Dunner won't be back in Arizona next year, and who knows where Junior will be (Seattle?), so I won't have any reason to root for you all. I just wish I hadn't blown it for you this year.

I'm also not going to say I am rooting for the Sausages today, because I don't want their playoff chances destroyed. Suffice it to say that any Chub$ loss these days makes me happy. I hope the Chub$ get blown out of the Division Series in three games.

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