Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Adam Rosales is annoying

Look, I don't know the guy, and maybe I'm more annoyed at the reaction in Redsland to him, but I have an unfavorable opinion of him after an initial high approval rating. The guy IS NOT the second coming of Pete Rose! Funny how people in Cincinnati pretty much ran a potential HOFer out of town because he "struck out too much" but they'll embrace a "scrappy" guy with a hot bat and dreadful defense based on the fact that he sprints to his position.

Frankly, I think his "hustle" is idiotic. There is a finite amount of energy in the human body, and he wastes his on those moronic sprints to first after a walk or the even more moronic sprint around the bases after a homer. Maybe he could reserve some of that energy for his crappy defense. He certainly isn't going to cut it as a zero-range bobble-handed third baseman. If I were a stathead, I'd look up his run differential or whatever you call it and probably discover that he's responsible for giving up as many runs as he's produced.

He's gonna be plunked if he keeps it up.

Not that I'm rooting against Rosales - I'm just annoyed by the Pete Rosales mentality.

I miss Edwin.


J. Mark English said...

Way too annoying...


Anonymous said...


I suppose I agree. The 15,5 seconds around the bases when the fan was dancing with the ball was a bit over the top. But!

Pete Rose was a scrappy kid who stole 2nd base from an established veteran and wasn't exactly liked because of it. Pete Rose didn't become Charlie Hustle until later (wasn't it Teddy Ballgame who pinned that on him?).

And he didn't become the Hit King for another 22-23 seasons.

I have challenged Hal McCoy to do an interview with Pete Rose about the Charlie Hustle-esque sprinting that Rosales is exhibiting. I think it'd be a good read.

It's good to see the kid's enthusiasm, but his defence is "WHOOOAAAAA!!!" Edwin's scatterarm isn't that bad, in comparison.
-Gary M

Daedalus said...

Edwin's range is incredible. It's those throwing errors that have given him (deserved) the bad defensive rep, but earlier in the season he made a lot of plays that he would have thrown away in the past.

Edwin has more power and could probably hit 30 homers - maybe not this year since he has missed so much time. His career BA was higher than BP's until he went on the DL and BP went on a tear.

I'd like to see Rosales stay as a PH, but I sure do hope he hasn't Pipped Edwin.

That would be a good column.

ken said...

I think it was Mantle that gave Pete the nickname, during a ST game when Pete sprinted to first on a walk.

Rosales has been really painful to watch at third. FWIW he rates as bad but not terrible per Fangraphs' UZR, but I think that updates weekly and doesn't count last night. Also, defense is especially prone to variation with small samples.

Anonymous said...

You're right Ken, the Mick and Whitey Ford.

Why I thought it was Ted Williams, I don't know. Must be the age factoring in on the tons of baseball trivia in my head ;D

REDS WIN again. I wish we could test ourselves against Brandon Webb and Roy Oswalt while we're going good. But maybe it's just as well to slip off to San Diego without having met Webb.


Mike said...

His enthusiasm for the game was very refreshing. You can tell he enjoys the game and is excited to just be part of the team. I an new to this site, and live far away so I don't know about any of the Rose comments. All I can say is just sit back and watch him play. It looks like he is having fun and isn't that what life is all about, living the dream? :)

Anonymous said...

You, sweety, are clueless on matters regarding baseball.

Daedalus said...

Who are you, Anon? Adam Rosales? I've been a fan of this team for 30 years, and yeah, I do know something about the game.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, the scourge of the internet: the anonymous blogger.

Don't worry about him, Sister D. We know what you're good for!

There was a story about Rosales in the Enquirer - did you see it? A letter from a kid Rosales played against as a youth who confirms that he's sprinted everywhere all the time.

-Gary M

Anonymous said...

That's what's wrong with people today. They try to stifle the players who have fun playing the game and hustle while doing it. Rosales' style of play should be the STANDARD for every baseball player. At least you can tell he tries, unlike Edwin who looks like he wants to get out of the stadium as quickly as possible. He looks so dull and lifeless out there.

Anonymous said...

You guys are stupid this is why we can never win a championship because we never have hustle and thats what Rosales brings to the table so stop hatin