Monday, May 18, 2009

Get thee to the ballpark! (For $1, you can't go wrong.)

From 700WLW: "The economy is bad and The Big One wants to treat you to a Cincinnati Reds game at the Great American Ballpark. To help you out during these tough times, The Big One is offering 700 tickets for just $1 for selected Cincinnati Reds Games….and that dollar will go to a local charity! You can purchase up to 4 tickets at a special Crosley Terrace ticket window, located at the main entrance at Great American Ballpark with The Big One's code phrase of the game. The code phrase to get your $1 tickets for the next 700WLW $1 Game on May 19th against Philadelphia is "Willie says I'm a Great American!" The ticket window will open starting at 9:00am the day of the Game on Tuesday, May 19th when the $1 tickets will be on sale. Look for the window marked “700WLW” and give the “phrase of the game, "Willie says I'm a Great American."


ctrosecrans said...

i would question what kind of charity those bastards would give it to -- i'm sure it's as legit as anything they say on that station

Daedalus said...

the republican party is a charity, right?