Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dear Walt

For my birthday today, I'd like a shortstop and a leftfielder. Thanks.

UPDATE: Or Aroldis Chapman?

UPDATE: RT: @JeffPassan: Non-stop Delta flight left FLL for Cincinnati at 9:20 this morning. Another source said $30 million deal is for five years.

OMG. Could it be true?

UPDATE: OMG, it is true! Thanks, Uncle Walt!

UPDATE 5:46pm: OMG, it's still true! I really can't believe it. In this day of Bankee$ and Bread $ox, the Cincinnati Reds got the top prospect IN THE WORLD. Just wow.


JS said...

Just started a new Reds blog...well, I started it a month ago but am just getting around to starting it. Please go check it out! Posted a blog on Chapman.

embroidery thread said...

happy birthday to you!!!