Sunday, January 03, 2010


Continuing with 12 Days of Christmas by the Numbers, we get to 3:

Some Reds who've worn number 3: Wall Moses CH (1960), John McNamara MGR (1979-1981), George Scherger CH (1973,1976,1978,1983-1984, 1986), Larry Rothschild CH (1990), Ken Griffey, Jr. (2007-2008), Willy Taveras (2008-hopefully no more).

Three is the number of children Ken Griffey, Jr. has.

Three is the position of my current favorite Red.

Three bases is the hardest hit to get.

This is the third year of Dusty Baker's three year contract. Hopefully, it is the last.

Three is how old the average Chub$ fan acts at a ballgame.

There are three more months until our Holy Opening Day.

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