Friday, January 22, 2010

Uh oh?

I have a big problem.

The world wide web, while world wide, has varying levels of functionality depending on where you are. In a dysfunctional country like Lebanon, broadband might as well be dial up, and that's with electricity, which is out an average of three hours a day. That's what 15 years of civil war followed by 20 years of corruption, the occasional bombing by Israel, and the outbursts of various militant groups will do for you.

I'm leaving for Lebanon on Monday, but I'm not losing sleep over that. No, what I'm losing sleep over is will I be able to watch Opening Day on April 5th, or will the internet be too slow to stream it? Funny how ten years ago this wouldn't even be an issue, as there was no MLB.TV. What times we live in! I might need a boat ride and an overnight stay in neighboring Cyprus at that time.

Come to think about it, this might not be such a problem after all.

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