Monday, April 26, 2010

I'll take the credit

I ate my last can of Skyline Chili last night in the hope that it would change the balance of the world and make the Reds win. It worked!

Nice to see Jay starting to hit some.

Pastaleaning Cabrera is just awful.

Remember that one game when Stubbs batted down in the order and actually got on base? Good thing we have Crusty Baker as manager so we can see what works and not do it that way.

Speaking of Crusty, when is Scott Rolen going to start batting cleanup? I remember when I used to hate that guy.

I really believe that Walt's put together a good team but this coaching staff is killing it.

I love Sundays when I can watch them live online for a mere $15 plus the cost of 1.5 liters of beer. It's a good way to fight the Sunday Dread that plagues each evening before the new work week starts, bringing the headaches and heartbreaks and general malaise of existence. It's tough working in the field of international development, because you never see the results of your work, as change is a long and painfully slow process, with periodic wars and conflicts setting you back or forcing you to restart from the beginning. Watching baseball helps like a crutch helps the walking wounded, but watching a loss feels like falling down and breaking all over again. A win is a painkiller, helping for a few hours but wearing off, leaving you wanting more.

Boy, wouldn't it be something to work for the Cincinnati Reds Baseball Club.

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